Nuoya Xiong’s page

Hi! This is Nuoya Xiong’s (熊诺亚) personal page. I am an undergraduate student at IIIS(Yao class), Tsinghua University. My research interest is learning theory, especially theory in reinforcement learning theory and deep learning theory. My research goal is to understand the phenomenon of machine learning and provide new efficient algorithms from the theoretical aspect, serving as a guide for the application of machine learning.

During my undergraduate years, I was immensely fortunate to receive guidance from several kind and inspiring professors. I am deeply thankful to them for their support and mentorship:

I am also grateful to all my collaborators.

Recent News

  • 2024.01 Two Paper was accetped by ICLR 2024! One paper is selected as the spotlight paper.
  • 2023.10 I get the Tsinghua Comprehensive Excellence Scholarship.
  • 2023.09 I get the “Yao Award” in IIIS, Tsinghua University (top 9) (Bronze Metal).
  • 2023.09 One Paper was accepted by NeurIPS 2023!
  • 2023.02 Arrive the University of Washington to work with Professor Simon S. Du
  • 2023.01 One Paper was accepted by ICLR 2023!